Use Case: Senior Management Board

By June 22, 2015 November 29th, 2016 Uncategorized

Coordinating a Senior Management Team requires significant collaboration.  The following Use Case demonstrates how Kanbans can be used to enhance collaboration so everyone on the senior staff can understand the big picture.  This example has the entire management team working on the same board. Private Individual Boards can be created to supplement the team board.

Following is a screenshot of sample board used for a Senior Management Team.   It would be simple to modify the board in order to map to your internal collaboration needs:

Key Columns to support Senior Management Team Collaboration Include:

Backlog:  Items to be worked on but are not ready to be started are placed in the Backlog column.

To Do: Items that are ready to be worked on are placed in the To Do column and assigned to management team members.

High Priority To Do:  Items that are high priority are placed in the High Priority To Do column and assigned to management team members.

In Process: Management team members will move items from To Do and High Priority into the In Process Column.  This gives everyone visibility into what is being worked on.  Comments, Documents, Checklist items can be added to each card to further communication with the rest of the management team.  This eliminates the problems associated with email overload.

On Hold: Items that need to be placed on hold are placed here.

Done:  Once tasks are finalized, management team members move the card to done.


Sorting and Filtering:

To see what tasks are assigned to a particular team member, activate the search bar and easily filter on many elements such as users, priority tags, recent updates or due dates.  You can also search the board and view reports.


Adding Cards by Non-Members:

There are times when Management Assistance are required to add cards to the board, but are not allowed to see the board.  Kanbans provides a forms interface so individual Assistants can add cards to the board without viewing the overall board.


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