Use Case: New Hire Candidate Tracking

By June 22, 2015 June 23rd, 2015 Sample Boards

Hiring a new staff or support ongoing hiring require significant collaboration.  The following Use Case demonstrates how Kanbans can be used to enhance your collaboration so you can land your dream team.

Following is a screenshot of sample board used for Candidate Hire Process.   It would be simple to modify the board in order to map  to your internal process needs:

Key Steps in the Process Include:

Resume Received:  Candidate names are added to the board with their resumes attached or linked to online resume at Linkedin or other.

Schedule Phone Interview: Selected qualified candidates from resumes received are required to pass an initial phone interview screening.  At this step phone interviews are scheduled.

Phone Interview Pass:  Candidates that pass the Phone Interview step are moved here so they can be scheduled for an In-Person Interviews.  Candidates that did not pass are moved to the rejected column.

In-Person Interview Pass: Candidates that pass the In-Person Interview step are moved here. Before management interviews take place, background checks are conducted.  Candidates that did not pass are moved to the rejected column.

Background Check Pass:  Once Background Checks are finalized, qualified candidates are scheduled for Management Interviews.  Links to all documentation supporting the interview process are attached to the card for quick access by management.

Management Interview:  Once Management Interviews are conducted, they are placed here to be processed.

On Hold Candidates: Candidates that are qualified but there are no open positions available are placed here.

Offer Made: Candidates that receive offers are listed here.

Hired: Candidates that are hired are listed here.

Rejected: Candidates that are rejected are listed here.


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