Use Case – Collateral Management

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Every Department has numerous requests submitted to them that require collaboration.   Some of these requests are handled by large ERP, CRM and Ticketing Systems, however there are significant amounts of other uses cases that are not handled by those systems.

The following Use Case demonstrates how Kanbans can be used to enhance your collaboration by supporting your Request Management needs.  In this example the Marketing department is receiving requests for new and updated collateral from sales people.

It would be simple to modify the board in order to map  to your internal process needs.

Form is filled out to request an update or new piece of collateral:

That form is automatically added to the Collateral Request Management Board:

Key Columns to support Cross Functional Collaboration on a Collateral Request Management Board Includes:

  • Backlog:  Items submitted by sales are automatically created and placed in the Backlog column.
  • To Do: Marketing will move items to the To Do column and assigned to a particular team member.
  • High Priority To Do:  Items that are high priority are placed in the High Priority To Do column and assigned to a particular team member.
  • In Process: Individual members will move items from To Do and High Priority into the In Process Column.  This gives everyone visibility into what is being worked on.  Comments, Documents, Checklist items can be added to each card to further communication with the rest of the team.  This eliminates the problems with email overload.
  • On Hold: Items that need to be placed on hold are placed here.
  • Done:  Once tasks are finalized, team members move the card to done.


Sorting and Filtering:

To see what tasks are assigned to a particular team members by activating the search bar and easily filter on many elements such as users, priority tags or due dates.  You can also search the board and view reports.


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