Configurable Kanban Boards

Boards are Visual Representations of key aspects of your business.  They give everyone a clear overall picture of what needs to be worked on, what’s currently being worked on and what’s done.

Boards can be used for a variety of activities such as Team or Project Collaboration, Product Development, Client Management or Personal Tasks.

Kanbans provides a number of pre-built templates to choose from that will help you get up and running in minutes.

Kanbans are built from the ground up to support Box business and enterprise deployments. 


Quick Entry Kanban Cards

Kanbans provides the fastest way to add and edit cards on your Boards.

Cards can be as simple as a one line name or include much more details.  You can add detailed descriptions, assign individual or multiple users, attach box documents, add color tags, add checklist items, assign due dates and add collaborative comments.

Cards assigned to you can be prioritized and rolled up to meet your GTD methodologies.

Cards are highly configurable by board owners so you decide which elements to include that are important to you and your teammates.



Gain Insight with Activity Feeds

Just like with Facebook and Twitter, you can quickly see what has happened.

Board Feeds provide you information on what was added and changed on your board.

Card Feeds list details of what was added, changed on individual cards.

Feeds are rolled up on Kanbans Home page so you can quickly see what has happened across all boards you have access to.

User Feeds provide you insight into specific user activity.

Combination of these feeds give you great insight into the pulse of your organization.


Calendar – Visualize What’s Due

Kanbans Calendars are available for all Business and Enterprise Plans

All cards with due dates will show up on your calendar, providing you with a visual of all date related activities and tasks.  Both Month view and Week views are available.  Tasks assigned to each individual will show on cards.

To change due dates simply drag and drop cards to your desired date, or click on the card and modify all elements of each card.



Kanbans Reports provide you the ability to further analyze your boards.  Kanbans ship with a number of pre-canned reports such as Aging and List Reports.  You are able to slice and dice your card data online, then output your reports to be further refined or printed.


All My Task provide you with a rollup of all your tasks across all boards you participate on.   This provides each user with a comprehensive view of all their current activity.  Better yet tasks can be self prioritized to support GTD models.


Box Integration provide you access to all your Box documents directly within Kanbans.  Attach documents to cards or browse and view content in your Box system.   In addition, you can manage your Box content from Kanbans including uploading new documents.

Filter your boards and reports to find important nuggets of information


Access Kanbans Anywhere with Native iPhone and iPad Apps